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Practically AI - Smart City & The Future of AI @ Visa

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Practically AI -  Smart City & The Future of AI @ Visa


Practically AI brings together leaders and innovators to explore the most promising applied machine learning and practical artificial intelligence.

AI will inevitably play a significant role in the planning and development of Smart Cities. From energy management, climate control, transportation & traffic management, to finance / payments, security / surveillance and population development, the future of Smart Cities will be shaped by AI.

▶ This is a ticketed event please use the link below to register

▶ Speakers:

▶ SK Reddy is an AI/ML expert and a visionary entrepreneur. He was a Product Manager for Apple and currently a Chief Product Office at Digitalist and a lecturer @ San Jose State University. Mr Reddy has very strong credentials in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and is an entrepreneur to the core. He is a serial entrepreneur and sold two tech startups including an AI company.

▶ Tsvi Achler has a unique background focusing on the neural mechanisms of recognition from a multidisciplinary perspective. He has done extensive work in theory and simulations, human cognitive experiments, animal neurophysiology experiments, and clinical training. He has an applied engineering background, has received bachelor degrees from UC Berkeley in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and advanced degrees from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Neuroscience (PhD), Medicine (MD) and worked as a postdoc in Computer Science, and at Los Alamos National Labs, and IBM Research. He now heads his own startup Optimizing Mind whose goal is to provide the next generation of machine learning algorithms

Talk Abstract:

Feedforward networks are the basis of Artificial Neural Networks (AI). These methods are making our lives easier and our cities better. However the internal decision processes of feedforward networks are difficult to explain: they are known to be a "black-box".

This is problematic in applications where consequences of an error may cause havoc for example in Essential Resource Management, Medicine, Banking, or Self-Driving Cars.

Using a new type of neural network motivated by neuroscience the internal decision process are easier to understand. We convert feedforward networks to this Illuminated form and explain the AI's internal workings to help developers, regulators, and customers better understand the AI and reduce risk. Through more confident understanding and monitoring of our AI's decisions, AI will become an essential part of smart cities.

▶ Event Date:
March 1st, 2018 (Thursday)
6:30pm to 9:00pm

▶ Location:
VISA Inc - Building M1 Auditorium

900 Metro Center Boulevard, Foster City, CA



M1 has an indoor parking lot. The attendees need to be on the visitor list in order for them to get in. Follow the visitor parking sign for M1 and use the phone near the gate to CALL SECURITY. Security will check for the name on the list and let them in. The visitor parking is on the first level and there should be sign indicating visitor parking.


Attendees can also park at M4 Overflow outdoor and walk to M-1. The meeting is in Building M1 (not building 4)

▶ Register Here

▶ Tickets Prices:

Online: $10 + eventbrite fee (Early Registation)

$15 + eventbrite fees (General Registration)

Onsite Walkin: $25 (on event date)

▶ Agenda:

6:00pm - 7:00pm – Check In, Food, Networking

7:00pm – 8:00pm – Presentation, Q&A

8:00m - 9:00pm – Closing & Networking

900 Metro Center Boulevard · Foster City, CA