What we're about

I believe that deep down, we want to live a rich life and share that richness with others. What that means exactly varies from person to person. Regardless, for many of us, cultivating that richness requires growth.

The purpose of this group is simple: find pragmatic ideas that can help us grow in our personal and professional lives, get a better understanding of those ideas through discussion, and put them into action.

The bulk of contemporary ideas promoted under the self-help banner seem to fall short in real life. We're looking for the ideas that really work, even if we have to pull them from unlikely places.

We'll hunt for the best ideas we can find in the areas of:

• personal development

• professional development

• art

• business

• psychology

• behavior economics

• statistics

• investment

• thinking

• decision making

• and more...

If you see yourself as a kind of human pinball in the game of life, where you are at the mercy of the world around you --- this group is probably NOT for you.

If you realize that you have some level of power over how you live your life, you want to use that power to grow, and are ready to take action --- this group is for you.

All that being said, we also like having a good time when we get together :)

Hope to see you soon!

- Rob

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Angelo's at Rockledge Golf Club

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