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What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in all forms of traveling. You like going to places. It doesn't stop there, you're not just another traveler who just visits touristic sights and take photos.You have a hacker mindset and want to find different and better ways to travel.

I started this group to meet other travel hackers to exchange tips. Are you doing or wanting to do any of the following?

• You hack for the most affordable travel tickets

• You know the best accommodation deals

• You make people wonder how in the world you go to so many places while maintaining a full-time job

• You do nothing other than travel and yet you still survive

• You're a digital nomad

• You move to so many places that you make other people's jaw drop

• You know the ins and outs and the best-kept secrets of your city

• You know how to travel in style

• You travel with a purpose

• You consider moving to a new place and need help

• ...and more..

Looking forward to exploring the world with everybody.

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