Funnel Hacking: the 7 Problems it solves for Startups

Product Led Growth Melbourne
Product Led Growth Melbourne
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I'm back in Melbourne to share more about Funnel Hacking!

The key to Funnel Hacking is it’s ability to empower non-technical team members to iterate and experiment without the involvement of a developer.

Get introduced to Funnel Hacking, the 7 problems it solves in your startup and the Funnel Hacker's toolkit.

You’ll Learn:

About the 8 Stage Customer Funnel and how it can be used to assess your Startup’s capability at each stage.

The principles and practices that power Funnel Hacking

Target Audience:

• Founders who want to empower their non-technical team members to make changes to improve customer conversion.

• Product Managers and Customer Success Managers who want to take greater ownership of improving conversions and increasing upsells.

Meet Your Instructor:

Audrey ( is a serial entrepreneur and startup founder with over 20 years experience in technology, consulting and startups, Audrey is now leveraging that experience to help startups improve productivity and customer value through Funnel Hacking. For more information about the services her company provides, go to (

About the Venue:

Thanks so much to the Inspire9 Team for sponsoring this event!