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In recent years "Servant Leadership" has gained momentum and proven Leaders at organizations across the world have found that by focusing on serving & enabling their teams rather than the other way around, they can create a culture where innovation can thrive and the entire team feels accountability, investment, and ownership of the work which delivers incredible results in enabling fantastic user experiences.

Yet, it's not as simple as it seems. How do you develop Servant Leadership? What does it look like day to day? As a leader how do you balance giving your team autonomy to try new things while still keeping things moving and mitigating huge mis-steps? What is the right amount of process?

Come with your questions and learn from proven servant leaders. Together we can have an engaging and collaborative conversation as we build awareness around this important topic in our product community.


PANELIST, MARK FISTER (Founder @ Servant Leadership Consulting):
Mark Fister wasn’t born into a household with a servant mindset, but rather a duty mindset. “Children are to be seen and not heard,” “Your place is not to question, but to obey,” and so on. While working as a Director, Software Architecture for PayPal, Mark stumbled upon the concept of Servant Leadership and has been learning and practicing since then. A voracious reader, Mark quickly discovered that there’s not a lot of concrete, actionable advice out there, spurring him to interview 85 Servant Leaders in preparation for writing his forthcoming book, "Servant Mindset: Actionable Advice from 101 Servant Leaders".

Les Eldredge likes chocolate chip cookies, Led Zeppelin, taking long walks through the narrow depths of Utah’s slot canyons and writing bios in the third person. He started designing software when glass buttons with reflections were in style - thats "Web 2.0" for you younger lads and ladies. Les is currently serving as the Director of User Experience at Entrata where he’s spent the last nine years working with the finest UXers on the planet. Together they’ve designed the experiences for over 45 web and mobile products and continue to iterate and innovate.

Karen is a seasoned product manager, software engineer and business analyst with two decades of experience overseeing the development of new products. Before joining ArbiterSports, Mogridge served in several positions at financial services giant CoreLogic, including Senior Professional Product Manager, Director of Quality Assurance, Director of Special Projects and Senior Business Analyst. She also worked as a software engineer with F-22 Lockheed Martin and combined her love of cycling and non-profits to make key contributions to several organizations including the GOAL Foundation, Mercury Cycling, Safe Routes to School National Partnership and Bike Walk Mississippi. Mogridge holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Valdosta State University. She and her husband live in Ogden, Utah with their rescue dogs and cat.

PANELIST, JOHN DILWORTH (Sr. Director of UX @ Ancestry):
John Dilworth is a designer, artist, and leader. He is nearing the completion of 8 years at Ancestry, where he is currently Sr. Director of User Experience. The most rewarding benefits of his career have been seeing people he’s worked with and “managed” grow into amazing designers and leaders.

Mark has always been insatiably curious. It is this trait that eventually lead him to seeing first-hand the value of Lean manufacturing principles which he now applies to product management. It has helped him find better ways to uncover real market needs, improving product processes and nailing the solutions.

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