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Webinar: Mobile Onboarding Strategy for Retention & Loyalty by MoEngage

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Webinar: Mobile Onboarding Strategy for Retention & Loyalty by MoEngage


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Join Vassil Mladjov, Head of Strategy, and Meagan White, VP of Marketing, at MoEngage to learn how to scale product growth through a mobile-first onboarding and retention strategy. Vassil and Meagan will be sharing their expertise, best practices, as well as success stories from real subscription-based MoEngage clients who have executed seamless and personalized onboarding experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the journey your loyal users have taken as they successfully onboard with your brand and identify friction points or ways to replicate this to drive further consumer retention
  • Leverage AI and automation to enable your teams to make data-driven decisions to reach more consumers across channels with personalized messages and delivery methods
  • Scale your onboarding strategy as consumer retention and loyalty grows and ensure you are always sending the best message, on the best channel, at the best time, on the device you know they interact with the most

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Meet the Speakers: Vassil Mladjov and Meagan White

Vassil Mladjov is currently working as the Head of Strategy for MoEngage's North American sector. He has headed multiple departments for the company during his time there including AR and Growth. Vassil fills his free time as a TV Reporter for Bulgarian National Television, covering various topics from technology to NBA games.

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Meagan is currently working as VP of Marketing at MoEngage, leading the North American team.

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