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ProductTank @ Ennovate - Product Pricing and Positioning with Tania Clarke

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ProductTank @ Ennovate - Product Pricing and Positioning with Tania Clarke


Topic: Pricing and Packaging
Pricing is a crucial, pivotal element in any SaaS success story. It can be a game-changing growth lever. It can also create major controversy and unrest with customers. Most frustratingly, despite its central role in building and sustaining a company, it’s not a skill that’s taught in business school.

For a lot of companies figuring out pricing involves a lot of trial and error. But when done scientifically, using market research to understand what features have the highest willingness to pay, you can create packages at various price points for different cohorts. When done well, pricing and packaging changes make sure you’re capturing the largest share of the market without leaving any money on the table.

Speaker: Tania Clarke
Tania is a Product Marketing Lead who has spent the last 8+ years working in B2B SaaS building product marketing functions at Qwilar, Atlassian and SafetyCulture.

She is currently Product Marketing Lead at Qwilr, working on developing the product story, positioning, and closely collaborating with product on bringing pricing strategy and features to market.

She has been part of multiple pricing and packaging projects, at Safety Culture, Atlassian and Qwilar - We’re not sure if there is a more qualified person in Brisbane who can talk about “value based pricing”.

Sponsor: Ennovate
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