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Product Tank Stockholm - Growth In New Macro Environment

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Welcome to the first ProductTank Stockholm Meetup of 2023!

This time Avanza is sponsoring the event at their office. After the speakers there will be light food and drinks and plenty of time for mingle.
The topic of the night is Growth in the current macroeconomic climate. The world is quickly changing around us and capital is much harder to come by. Paying for growth becomes an increasingly difficult model to maintain while it is still imperative for the future of the business. How do you as a product person respond to this shift?
What's the do's and don'ts? Can you re-focus to something more sustainable?

Come by and listen to the experiences of three amazing product people.

Speaker #1 Max Dyrhage, Co-founder Signific
Max is the co-founder of Signific, a consultancy company that helps companies learn faster than their competitors through data. Besides Signific, Max has worked in product and data roles at companies like Voi and SVT. Growth has always been connected with data and experiments, and in the current market climate learning fast is arguably even more important than before. Most of us know this, but actually doing experiments or a/b-tests is something many organisation struggle with. With experience from starting experimentation programs at many different companies, Max will share common pitfalls and how to avoid them when scaling up you experimentation efforts.

Speaker #2 Johan Bouzi, Head of Core Customer Journeys at Avanza
Johan Bouzi, Head of Core Customer Journeys at Avanza, will talk us through the shift in the company’s mindset to follow a North Star that works in the current macroeconomic climate.

Speaker #3 TBD


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ProductTank provides an opportunity for Product Managers working in a variety of industries to exchange ideas and experiences about Product Management, Business Modeling, Metrics, Usability, and all the other things that get us excited. ProductTank was started in London, UK, and often features talks from guest speakers on both technical and business-related topics, networking opportunities, and good old-fashioned networking in a casual setting.

ProductTank Stockholm
ProductTank Stockholm
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