Criticality v. Scope: How to Prioritize Product Decisions

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Prioritizing decisions for product releases can sometimes be an intimidating experience for product leaders. Sometimes the trepidation they feel can rise exponentially when there are many ideas to review while managing expectations of stakeholders. In many companies large and small, some strategists think they should develop many features to build better products, while others choose to be selective about which features to build in order to prevent turning a product into a "feature Frankenstein" which only creates more problems in the minds of customers.

Let's get together to discuss how prioritizing product decisions can work in the industries of today. We invited career product leaders to share with us their experiences and demonstrate that making effective prioritization decisions are the result of conscientious evaluation, estimation, and other proven methods.

Please meet our guest presenters:


Holly Hester-Reilly
Product Management Trainer and Consultant
H2R Product Science


Eric Chambers
Product Manager, Enterprise IoT


ProductTank will kick off around 6:45pm and continue until 8:15pm or 8:30pm, followed by a reception for networking and meeting new friends.

Refreshments will be provided, compliments of our sponsor:

Capital One Labs

Our Capital One Labs Event Host:
Saad Khatri, Director of Product at Capital One

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