Measuring Actionable Metrics

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Have you ever faced the situation where you've invested time and money towards increasing user registration, only to realize that your product still has a very low retention rate? How do you find out why? What are the kinds of metrics could we identify that will help us to answer this question?

If you are a curious product person, you will soon discover that it is "how" metrics are measured is what makes them actionable.

Join us this December at ProductTank NYC at Mixpanel where we will have a presentation and panel conversation about Measuring Actionable Metrics. Lets get together to discuss how we can move beyond just measuring the current state of events in products. Let's talk about how we can track more than just when things happen, but the reasons for how and why they happen.

More information on guest panelists to come. Please stay tuned.

ProductTank NYC will kick off at 6:45pm and continue until 8:45pm.

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