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What we’re about

Hello, Amazing Woman!
Membership is now open to a brand new, warm, and welcoming group of interesting, interested, and dynamic professional women. Let’s step away from work and obligations for a little breather. Let's feed our souls and enjoy the good things in life while fostering rich and lasting friendships.

From drama-free/mature women in their 30's to energetic and spirited women in their 50's+!

Driven, goal-oriented, educated women who are positive, intelligent, multi-faceted, adventurous, and informed. We welcome each other as human-sisters, and happily encourage, advise and want the best for each other as we do for ourselves.

The PWSC is something I started / hosted in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, and hosted something similar in Seattle. I'm now thrilled to be hosting in Edinburgh and Barcelona! This is where we will connect, get real, share ideas, motivate, uplift each other, and laugh!

Come make deep friendships! Network with other like-minded women! Let's gather for local events, day trips, dining, art openings, the theatre, cultural events, galas, fundraisers, volunteering for a good cause, focusing on the amazing things that our region has to offer, etc. As our group grows, perhaps we’ll even co-organize mini-weekend getaways!

- As with everything in life, you’ll get the most out of our group the more consistent, engaged, and active you are with us.
- If you have a dear friend that you feel you can take anywhere, please invite her too!
- If you don’t have a friend that you know can go anywhere, this is where you’ll meet her/ us!

- SUGGESTIONS are very much invited. If you know or hear of something that you’d like to do with a group, let’s talk about adding it to the group calendar!
- SCHEDULING: Since we are all professional women, other than special events, most events will be on Saturdays or Sundays and fluctuate from day to night.


  • Dining events that are seated at a table will be limited to 6 lucky women. This allows us to all hear each other in a noisy restaurant, have quality conversations, and truly get to know each other without losing our voices.
  • You are responsible for paying any charges that you incur.

PHOTO REQUIRED … Please have a photo of your face on your Meetup profile so we can recognize you at events.

1. RSVPs... Yes, we know that last-minute business travel happens and that corporate life can seriously take over, but if you suddenly can't attend an event, please update your RSVP immediately (preferably 48 hours before the event or more). This allows someone that's on the waitlist to have enough time to notice the available spot and decide to join us. If it's less than 48 hours before the event, please contact me directly and update your RSVP. Please note that for some events, the RSVP cancellation cut-off period may be 72 or more hours in advance; due to the location or price.

2. NO-SHOWS… Unless you contact me BEFORE the event starts, if you have RSVP’ed and you don’t show up, you will be invited to find a replacement group to “not show up” for. This is a group of women who decide, RSVP and attend events -- no offense, but if you're a perpetual-flake and can't get it together, or if you can’t make the commitment to an event and actually show up, this is probably not a great fit for you. We are go-getters and high-achievers in business, so we apply that to our personal life too. Thanks for understanding.

TO BE CRYSTAL CLEAR, and to avoid the hassle of having to say it later:
1. SOCIALLY… Our community stands in solidarity with the BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities.
2. POLITICS… If you are into conspiracy theories and right-wing extremist nonsense, this is definitely not the group for you. There is too much empathy, logic, and data here.
3. VACCINES… The women in this group believe in science.
4. THIS IS A PRIVATE GROUP - This ensures that members who join private groups can maintain their privacy.
5. GENTLEMEN… Sorry gents, we love and appreciate you but… this group is just for the ladies. xo