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This is a new group started 10/1/2018, Please feel free to Join!

This is a community for software developers to improve programming and leadership skills.

As software developers, most of us use computers all day long and we usually don’t talk much at work. This cause us doesn't have good communication skills and also it’s had to improve leadership skills.

If nothing is done, as a developer you will be fine to do development job but we have less chance to get promoted and don’t have that leadership to do business once we want it. Then we’re gonna be very upset because we are smart!

The possibility of being doing this is to let us have more chance to improve programming and leadership not only at work. When we want to be a leader and or do our own business we at least have these skills.

Here is how we can do it and will have more ideas as we start to do it.

We can have one or two monthly meetup, one or more person as speaker and share the topic that he/she wants to share. As you prepare the presentation and get feedback and support from the community then you will improve your speech, organization, self confidence etc.

We can also do some topic research as a group, like Blockchain, AI etc.
We can also try to challenge ourself, like learn Go in 2 weeks and build some app as a small group.
We can also watch the latest trending, like Java 10 just published and we can talk about it.

I believe if we do this, we will have more possibilities to improve our self!

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