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The Quran is the last scripture sent down by God for followers of the religion of Islam (meaning "peace" and "submission".) The book has been traditionally interpreted in a manner that seems illogical and oppressive.

However, when one studies and interprets the meaning of the key Arabic words using only the language and terminology from within the Quran itself and not contemporary language or that of external literature (ie hadith/sunna), then one may interpret the verses in a very progressive manner. This group takes such a perspective; that the Quran is a complete source of guidance for humankind without reference to any external literature (ie hadith or sunna). (Terms used for this point of view would include Quraniyyun, Quranists, submitters, progressive Muslims, among many others.)

The purpose of this group is to bring those who uphold only the Quran together. We are a very small group and the hope is that this will be a good forum for us to come together (3:103, 3:200), get to know one another, build friendships and form a community. The other purpose is to establish prayer (2:43) and to possibly establish a temple/masjid (2:43, 9:108). Although this group is based in Southern California, you are welcome to join from anywhere in the US or internationally.

For now, we will hold meetings online via Zoom with a view to understand the meaning of the Arabic text. Our aim will be to hold in person meetings in the near future. The agenda for each week will be to discuss one specific topic by reviewing the relevant verses in the Quran. We will also be studying Quranic vocabulary and its richness and variety of meanings using various dictionaries of classical Arabic. For the most controversial verses, we will do a detailed, word-by-word study. Topics of discussion will include the principles of Islam, its various ethical principles as well as the numerous scientific statements made regarding the creation of the heavens and the earth. We will supplement this by reading passages from every chapter in the Quran. The goal will be to cover the book in its entirety. We will revisit a topic as our understanding of it evolves. Feel free to suggest a topic of your own.

Edip Yuksel's "Quran: A Reformist Translation" will be the base text (since that is the translation that I am most familiar with). However, we will compare this translation to other progressive as well as more traditional ones. Feel free to bring your own translation.


You may purchase a hardcopy of Edip Yuksel's "Quran: A Reformist Translation" from amazon.com:


You may also download a free electronic version (as a pdf file) from either of the links below (in the "Quran Translations" folder). (Note: The author is giving out the electronic version for free. That's why I'm making it available to you for free as well.)

I will post a list of verses to be discussed and study materials ahead of each meeting on the following resource links for this group:
https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArRw9Vk46iNZilo6o-Uc0HEWhY-1?e=eTy6z0 or here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TRak0louiljKmM0k6v7kzCf0UcywqwnP?usp=sharing

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