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What we’re about

The Light of the Divine has ignited within us, to deliberately Awaken the Spiritual Giant that has laid dormant or suppressed for a long time. The Awakening process is divinely orchestrated for our own Spiritual completeness, Earth's evolution and Humanities survival. By Awakening, our Soul has started the process of 'Returning Home", Remembering our True, Authentic and Divine SELF.., but its up to us to do the work.

So our heart has begun to ask questions the mind can't answer, in regards to the quality of our life, our results, and our true state of our emotions, causing our Consciousness to expand in search of higher truths and understanding of what is the intangible- " Who am I and What is my Soul's Purpose?? "

The Path to Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Enlightenment begins with a journey within: Its time to "Know Thy Self " and then to work towards Self Mastery!!

Together lets Awaken our Inner Giants and serve as Spiritual Warriors on this Spiritual Path and Planetary Expansion, We look forward to support you in your Awakening and Enlightening process, as we all master this 3D/ physical world as a necessary part of Protocols for the 5th Dimension!

Together creating a wonderful Spiritual community.

To live by; "AHA " -Awaken- Harmonize-Activate