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Justin Atkin - teenage polymath biohacker who founded his own R&D think tank

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Justin is a teenage biohacker who founded The Thought Emporium (, a research think tank in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Rather than choosing to specialize in a single discipline, Justin has decided to focus on projects the require the use of as many fields of science and engineering as possible. This is what drew him to biohacking—one of the most interdisciplinary fields in existence.

Here's a word from Justin:
"I’ve worked on everything from botany to nuclear fusion to nano tech and am constantly exploring new areas of science and technology.

Some of the projects I’m working on right now include:
• new energy storage devices
• nano robots that can hunt your cancer cells or could be the • basis for artificial life
• power generation systems like paint on solar panels

In the medical field I’m developing new coatings that allow for transdermal implantation, methods for enhanced and accelerated bone regrowth, and organ and tissue decellularization."

Please join us and find out how you can support his research and become empowered to do your own work at 7 PM on Sunday, May 8th at Prophase Biostudios ( Stimulating discussion on the modern-day frontiers and limitations of DIY science are sure to happen.