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Entrepreneurship, Professional / Personal Growth and Development

The Prosperous Living Lifestyle Workshop is a Joint Project of The International Women's Achievement Alliance and the and The African Heritage Resources Network. It awakens the entrepreneurial mindset, Provides you with tools for the profession and personal growth, connects people to resources and to one another; creating opportunities for education, better awareness, and mentorship.

This involves identifying and using your strengths and other related untapped resources such as your natural environment, connections, personal skills, and identifying untapped opportunities. We will empower you by linking you to resources for career, business, education, health, and prosperous living.

As a Global Network, this group may operate virtually/ physically. We also have Facebook pages and group pages for conversations, networking, and promotions.

We ask you to please visit our pages and communicate with other participants sharing your, ideas, challenges as well as successes.





We seek to inspire you with testimonies of real-life stories of success that have used our proven methodology. "The IWAA achievement Principles" has demonstrated proven results.

All postings will be done via the message board and email system of this forum.

Thank you and Welcome to the group.

'Achieving your best life ever is our goal.'

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Prosperous Living Business Mixer

150 E San Fernando St

The Awazi African Heritage Center Launch

2526 Qume Dr #20

Are you living a Prosperous Lifestyle?

2350 Paragon Dr, San Jose, 95131

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