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Groningen Tabletop Testing Night

Photo of Arjan van Houwelingen
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Arjan van H.
Groningen Tabletop Testing Night


Every first Friday of the month we hold a tabletop testing night in Groningen at the Forum building in the city center (library, cinema, museum, and more).

We start at 19.30 hours, play until around 23.00 hours. We start with a pitching round by the game designers about the games that can be played. We aim to have all games playtested, while players can choose what to play. Usually we rotate after a play round (or more, or not depending on the playtime, small games vs an epic night long game).

To check for actual updates and to sign up as a designer please go to our Guild website and find the event post of that month. We also share more events and news there:

Game on!

Photo of Spellenmaakgilde | Dutch Game Design Guild group
Spellenmaakgilde | Dutch Game Design Guild
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