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Talking Tea and Tarot
The tarot deck has been used for centuries as a tool for guidance, and as a springboard for self-reflection. Tarot is a magical, mysterious, and powerful way to discover personal insights, and to unravel the story of your life. Tarot cards are like people: it's what's inside that counts. This is an opportunity to shed light where others find darkness; to use your guts, intuitions, and the cards to propel you into the new year. Tarot's creative use is infinite, and its power is magnified when blended with psychology, art, community, and healing teas. This will be an intimate experience where you will explore your inner landscape while being part of a more collective unconscious. No matter where you are in your journey through this world, personal growth and self-awareness will make your travels more meaningful. See a full flyer by visiting and clicking on the promotional bar at the top of the page. Hope to see you soon!

Psyche & Salt

1041 East Green Street 202 · Pasadena, ca

Respond by: 12/12/2018

What we're about

Do you feel confused about what it means to be "healthy"? Are you looking to find more balance and peace of mind in your life? Would you like to heal what you're struggling with using natural remedies and holistic practices?

I use a blend of nutrition and psychology for an integrative approach to help women strengthen their mind and body in a world that undervalues, and overlooks, the intricacies of what she needs to thrive.

As a woman you have very unique and specific needs when it comes to your mental and physical health. This is in part because of your gender, but also because over the course of your life you have been wired and shaped by your genetics, relationships, environment, dietary habits and lifestyle.

When you consider your health within the web of what makes you "you", it becomes apparent that focusing on any one part of yourself does not serve the greater whole.

This is why I integrate psychology and nutrition, and why I created Psyche & Salt; so women have a space to seek support for both their mental and physical wellbeing.

This Meetup is a place to gather, and where you'll find a variety of classes you that will support and educate you to feel empowered to become your best self. Stay tuned and feel free to join my mailing list by clicking here. ( You can also reach out anytime by emailing me at

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