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What we’re about

An open decentralized space for fostering a community of like minded enthusiasts of entheogenic plants and mushrooms.

Psychonauts, explorers, healers, guides, tripsitters, practicioners and newbies welcome!
No experience necessary.

The intention is to cultivate a forum for open exchange of ideas, conversation, education, networking, art, music, expression, and so much more.

We plan to host speakers and educators on the leading edge of research and exploration, as well as discussing trends in the field and opportunities for involvement and advocacy for the decriminalization of nature.

Please check your ego at the door.
Participate mindfully and respectfully.
Golden rule applies.

We are all aware of the legal status of psychedelic substances so let our actions not reinforce false stereotypes and instead rehabilitate the reputation psychedelics with the general public.

We expect all members to exercise sound judgment and not use/bring/buy/sell any substances at our events. No exceptions.

We expect all of members to be sober, courteous, and respectful to venue management and staff.

Failure to accord with this reasonable policy will result in a disinvitation from group events and possibly from the group itself.