The Dolphin Connection - Your Own Dolphin Experience!

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Come and experience the Healing Power of the Dolphin Connection!

You will:
Access your own Signature Tone – Your Personal Sound Frequency

Open energy channels – Clear stagnant energy blocks

Meet and deeply feel Dolphin Energy via Meditation

Receive the gifts of the Dolphins - Dolphin Love and Dolphin Heart Energy

How much: $ 25.00 at the door.

"The Dolphin, along with the Whale, originally came from the star system Sirius, and have been “vibrational stewards” of Earth, holding the high frequencies that the planet and humanity originally embodied. They are also” record keepers” for Earth. They are blissful beings of divine intelligence and unconditional love."

This workshop is facilitated by SaBella LaValle.

SaBella is a certified Sound Healer, Teacher of Spiritual wisdom and Intuitive Consultant. She sings ‘ Soul Light Songs ‘ channeling Divine frequencies where angels have been felt and seen. SaBella is a performing artist and a professional voice coach.

Join us and allow this workshop’ The Dolphin Connection’ to raise your frequency and promote healing alignment!

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