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What we’re about

Everyone is Psychic! Everyone has Extra Sensory Perception. Have you been called on the phone or run into a person in your travels, when you "happen" to be thinking of them?

Do you want to dream or understand the ones you are having? We are all psychic beings, but may not have taken the time to know how to use this ability. These Meetups delve into practical techniques and understanding.

These are for anyone from beginners to the advanced. It's for those who want to develop their own particular psychic senses: inner hearing or clear thoughts (clairaudience), inner seeing (clairvoyance), feeling (healing), and prophecy (trance). People have all four of these, but have a predominate means of psychic perception.

The overall objective of these meetings is having a clear inner sense of what is really going on and what is best to do in your work, with family and friends.

Fun and simple ways to buffer yourself from the pressure and stress of the world to stay relaxed and tuned into your psychic abilities. Click on photos - left side of this page to pictures of Meetups.

We have both online Meetups as well as in-person Meetups. The online Meetups are very convenient since they can be done from home or wherever you may be online. The in-person Meetups are great to meet others who are interested in this.

You are welcome to join and discover how to use your psychic senses more than you may have ever thought possible.