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NOTICE - Everyone who wishes to belong to this group must, have and maintain, a real photo of the front of their entire face, taken in good lighting, as well as completely fill out the brief questionnaire, to be in this development group. I'm aware that many individuals are not comfortable with putting up a photo of themselves for various reasons; no one can view your photo without being a member.

Hello and welcome, my name is Kim. I mentor a variety of development classes in groups and/or private sessions as well as do readings and healing work. I guide and strengthen your innate abilities and show you how to use them in a practical way, for your personal or business life. If your desire is to learn how to tap into your inner guidance, then this is the place for you. You will learn how you personally receive intuitive insights, what to do with what you receive, how to verbally express the messages coming to and through you, learn about your own personal symbology, and more. Everyone has their own way(s) of receiving insights coming to them and others, and that is what I help you figure out.

My body is my own portable toolbox, housed with many different techniques, one building upon another over the years. So, I consider myself to be my own tool and you can be as well, but it didn’t happen overnight, and I continuously build my abilities, I never stop learning. It takes dedication, practice, repetitive experiential exercises with different people, perseverance, as well as openness and trust. Being my own tool means that I do not use anything outside of myself (tangible tools) to receive information, insights which come to me in multiple ways. I consider myself to be an intuitive-medium counselor and interpreter, as all the information comes to me in so many ways, and sometimes all at once. Some people call it receiving downloads. It can be overwhelming at times and learning how to manage, discern, sort through information being downloaded, and then be able to put everything together into words (messages) that you are receiving for you or a client to understand the message, is a lot! My path is to help others. I take what I do seriously as what I say may and usually does, affect a person in many ways. Discernment is extremely important in all readings.

Whether you are new to spiritual development or you are seeking to deepen and expand your connection within, the intuitive development classes taught would provide you with the tools to help you connect with your Guide and more, which will provide you with easy, in-the-moment access to personal insights when needed. All the classes provide a variety of intuitive experiential exercises to practice with others, gathering personal insights into others and yourself, while receiving instant feedback from your partner in a class setting. You can benefit from all the classes offered, whether you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced level on your path.

The intention for my group is to teach you to be your own source of information, intuitive antenna, and not rely on anything except you. Understanding and using other tools as stepping-stones such as oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, dowsing, etc. are fun and creative tools that offer you other ways to receive insights. Oracle cards are a fantastic way to learn about your own symbology and start to open your 3rd eye (clairvoyance). Learning how to read anything from objects in a room, flowers, ribbons, and more also adds to your personal toolbox. Chakras, the aura, colors, and energy are highly important as well. Again, the more you learn the more you grow. Every little aspect you learn builds upon everything else; it connects us like one huge link searching the universe for information. So, don’t think not knowing about colors, chakras, and auras, learning how to read whatever is before you, and more are unimportant, they are highly important for your growth. When I view the world around me, I see many images around me as an oracle card and go from there and use that technique for certain things. I can teach you how to see this way as well. Learning how to… tune in, how you turn on, and off, your abilities is what I can assist you with. Everyone’s different.

Meet Kim
I'm an Empath, Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master Practitioner, Animal Communicator and Shaman. I have been studying and practicing Medical Intuition for the past few years. I have been intuitive ever since I can remember. My mom taught me intuitive development through games when I was very young and as I grew older we attended classes and worked together at home, developing our abilities. For over 40 years I have used my intuition to guide me. I have studied under James van Praagh (medium and soul reading), Doreen Virtue (medium and intuition development), and other masters, and have a wealth of knowledge, insights, information, and experience to draw from and share with those who desire to grow their intuitive, medium, or healing abilities.

I look forward to helping you grow while having fun together.

Keep smiling.


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