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Why have yoga and meditation become so demanded in western society? It's obvious that we're searching for something that all the comforts of our life cannot bring to us. We have become addicts to work, exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy eating, etc., but we still cannot find the peace we are looking for.

What if that "peace" were to be reached only in certain moments and our lives were at the right point exactly where they are, and we were only standing on just one of the many faces of that "peace"? Peace is always there. We just cannot see it or feel it. It's just a matter of being.

In this group we will meet to discover the way in which we tend to make everything much more difficult and tragic, just because of how our psychology works. We'll learn about ourselves, our unconscious conditionings and how to be more understanding and compassionate to our own humanity.

We will talk about spirituality and how to apply it in life. We will deal with the psychological and emotional fears that come up when we try to have a spiritual life. We will use psychological astrology as a tool for self knowledge and a guide to spirituality in life.

We will also practice breathing, meditations, visualizations, yoga, chakra work and many other things that we can do to create a better relationship with ourselves and others.

Thanks a lot for being there.

A warm hug,


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