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Braga Meetup #18 - World Retro Day

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Welcome to our 18th Agile Connect Braga Meetup!
As we did last year, this meetup will be part of the World Retro Day global initiative -

• 18h45 - Welcome
• 19h00 - A Retrospective Travel, with Mariana Trigo
• 19h50 - Coffee Break & Networking
• 20h10 - How to be a Human Manager, by Eduardo Espinheira
• 21h00 - Closing

Talk - "A Retrospective Travel"

Since I was 18 I've been travelling the world alone. Everytime I integrate a group of travellers, the journey becomes more challenging, after all, people are the world biggest challenge. What do I see looking back? How much people changed? Did I contributed to that positively? When? How? Probably, I can apply this evaluation daily into my work life, as well as with my team. So, would you like to join me in this trip?

About Mariana Trigo (
She has debuted her intellectual journey with her first solo trip at age of 18. And the professional side of her career passed through Product Management, in groups such as Sonae and ADEO. Later on she decided to go into the unknown and expand her domains to Southeast Asia, alone, for 4 months. Returning to hometown, Braga, she entered the IT world as Project Manager / Scrum Master, having recently assumed the role of Delivery Manager.

Workshop - "How to be a Human Manager and understand how to tackle your problems"

We are human managers and we have to deal with problems. Our companies and teams are made of people, humans! Hence, we can fail and make mistakes. Mistakes are normal, but we should admit and then address them. The way we tackle our mistakes is by understanding thoroughly their characteristics. With that detail in mind, we will identify the best solutions and will be doing Human Management.

This session will take a detailed look at how we could identify, clarify, characterize and solve the pain points within our teams and companies.
To do so, you'll get a chance to understand the Problem Solving technique and it has been used. On top of that, you'll have a glimpse of the comprehensive databases of problems and solutions that are currently being used to leverage this technique.

About Eduardo Espinheira (
He is a Consultant at HumanMngt, Founder at QAValue and an Invited Lecturer at Porto Business School. On his 18 years track record of happier customers, he focused on leveraging organizations to evolve and grow at a sustainable pace. Available on his diverse toolkit he has: Project Management best-practices, Agile models, Management 3.0 tools and a couple of techniques he concocted himself. He believes that we need to share and learn with each other so that he can grow faster and better.

After the event, feel free to extend the gathering with us for a dinner time and keep talking about Agile and other meaningful subjects at "Mostarda & Chocolate".

This meetup will be presented in Portuguese or English, depending on the audience.

This event is FREE to attend, but you have to register yourself first.

See you there & bring a friend!