33th Porto Meetup-The sunshine, rainbows of working remotely

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Hello Agile Connect Porto Community! Here comes our 33th Meetup!

> The sunshine, rainbows (and dark alleys) of working remotely. 🌍

Working remotely is becoming more and more mainstream and planting the seeds for being a paradigm shift in the way we work in the near future. Its reputation is mostly sunshine, rainbows and drinking margaritas on the beach while working but there are some very dark alleys in this path, most of the times not so well known. This talk will talk about "both sides of the barricade", what works, what definitely doesn't work, some tips to avoid going in the "dark alleys" and how to make this all work.

19:00 > Welcome
19:10 > Talk - The sunshine, rainbows (and dark alleys) of working remotely
20:10 > Networking break
20:25 > Open space session
21:00 > Closing

About Pedro Santos https://www.linkedin.com/in/pedrodanielcsantos , he is an all around software engineer who likes to work smartly to deliver great solutions for some hard problems. Since graduating from college, he's experimented different working environments, different product areas and experimented with different working methodologies. He also loves to give back to the community and to share lessons learned to try to help others avoid doing the same mistakes he has done.

This event is FREE to attend, but you have to register yourself first.

See you there & bring a friend!