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The Competence Center (https://www.competence.lu/) and the CSL (https://www.csl.lu/) have decided to collaborate on the development of the Cisco Networking Academy in Luxembourg which offers a programme of skills acquisition and professional development for educational institutions and individuals around the world.

Free Online Learning for Students and Professionals

Online courses are self-paced and use the same curriculum taught in Networking Academy classrooms around the world. Here’s the list of our online courses that are open now:

• Introduction to Packet Tracer

• Introduction to Cybersecurity

• Cybersecurity Essentials

• Introduction to IOT

• NDG Linux Unhatched

• NDG Linux Essentials

The following courses will be available @ the Chambre des salariés via seminars:

• CLA – Programming essentials in C (https://www.competence.lu/formez-vous/cisco-networking-academy/cla-programming-essentials-in-c/)

• CPA – Programming essentials in C++ (https://www.competence.lu/formez-vous/cisco-networking-academy/cpa-programming-essentials-in-c/)

• PCA – Programming essentials in Python (https://www.competence.lu/formez-vous/cisco-networking-academy/pca-programming-essentials-in-python/)

• CLP – Advanced Programming in C (https://www.competence.lu/formez-vous/cisco-networking-academy/clp-advanced-propgramming-in-c/)

• CPP – Advanced Programming in C++ (https://www.competence.lu/formez-vous/cisco-networking-academy/cpp-advanced-programming-in-c-plus-plus/)

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C programming with Cisco NetAcad

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Code Your Own Game

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Cisco NetAcad Courses offered

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CPP : Advanced Programming in C++

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