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This is a group for anyone interested in Emerging Technology like AI, Machine Learning, Bigdata, Analytics, IOT, Cloud, Devops, Opensource....

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Emerging Technology Meetup - PUNE

Securly Software (India) Pvt Ltd

Registration Compulsory : https://emergingtechnologymeetup.splashthat.com/ Session 1: Demystifying K8s Storage & Networking Session Abstract: Demystifying Storage: We will go over some of the problems with stateful applications running on Kubernetes. Provide a brief sampling of the different types of volumes that are available and how they operate. Finally we will look at Persistent Volume and Persistent Volume Claims, that allows us to easily manage persistent data with a large development team. Demystifying Networking: We will demystify several layers of networking in a kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes is a powerful platform but the way different kubernetes object interacts gets confusing. The communication between pods, services and external services are the core of Kubernetes networking. So, for better understanding we will divide the concepts into the following. - pod network (for inter pod communication) - service network (that allows pods to be ephemeral) - cluster IP’s - node ports Session 2 - Exploring Azure Container Instances Session Abstract: In this session, you will learn the fundamentals of the containers world, know why its popular and get familiarize with Azure container instance offerings which can help you focus on building containers without worrying too much about the underlying infrastructure.

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Jenkins Pipeline and run configuration as code in Jenkins

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