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The Footstep Explorers were create to help people explore Portugal while having fun.
Based in Lisbon, we are a group of curious people that like keep doing different things all the time. We create all kind of activities in a regular base. With us, you can … explore the nature, go to the beach, visit big and small towns in Portugal, visit museums, learn about Portuguese history, try new restaurants, go for a weekend trip, make new friends … and much, much more …

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Following the Street Art, from Down Town to Oriente

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Following the Street Art, from Down Town to Oriente Cost: 10€ https://footstepexplorers.com/event/following-the-street-art-from-down-town-to-oriente-2019-03-24/ In this activity we are going to explore less know areas of Lisbon. We are going to walk from down town to Oriente, which is a modern neighbourhood of Lisbon and the mayor business area. On our way, we will pass by some tradition neighbourhoods, where Portuguese people live. After leaving the old town will be hard to find a tourist on our way. We will pass by several interesting places which were given to artists to decorate them according to their imagination. We will be walking in side walks for about 8kms, in a mostly flat ground. After reaching Oriente we will be able to have some drinks, next to the river. Oriente is a very well connected area. There it is possible to easily take the train or the metro (red line). We will meet in Rossio Square, in front of Theatre D. Maria II and we will start walking from there. Here: https://footstepexplorers.com/meeting-point/square-d-pedro-iv/ I will be there wearing a red cap. Lets go to explore Street Art. Licence RNAAT - 1310/2017

Visiting Bombarral Buddha Eden

Campo Grande

Visiting Bombarral Buddha Eden Cost: 17€ [12€ Bus + 5€ ticket] https://footstepexplorers.com/event/visiting-bombarral-buddha-eden-2019-03-31/ Bombarral Buddha Eden is the largest oriental garden in Europe. The oriental garden with around 35 hectares of land was created as a reaction to the destruction of the Buddhas of Banyan, in which one of the greatest acts of cultural barbarity took place, erasing masterpieces of late-period Gandhara art. From Buddhas, pagodas, terracotta statues and the various carefully-placed sculptures which can be found throughout the gardens, it is estimated that some six thousand tons of marble and granite were used to create this monumental work of art. The central staircase is the focal point of the garden, where the golden Buddhas offer you a calm welcome. At the central lake, KOI (Japanese carp) fish can be seen, and sculpted dragons rise out of the water. There is also the opportunity to see the six hundred hand-painted terracotta soldiers, each of them unique copies of those which were buried some 2,200 years ago. We are going to visit this beautiful place in the last weekend of March. Bombarral is located about 80 km north of Lisbon. We are goingg there by bus. A fast ride that will takes only 45 minutes. Once in Bombarral, we walk about 40 minutes to get the to garden (it can be also possible to take a taxi, but I prefer to don’t rely on it). The ticket to visit this place cost 5 euros and the bus to Bombarral about 12 (return). Bring food. We will be plenty of time and space to have a picnic there. Then, in the eventing we will come back to Lisbon in the same way. We will be back in Lisbon at 7:15 pm. Join us in this trip to Bombarral.

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Hike in the Valleys of Ericeira

Campo Grande

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