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This meet up is for anyone interested in machine learning. We will be going over literature regarding learning algorithms and applications, and will try and get as good a survey of the field as we can. I'm hoping to start off discussing parts of the Reinforcement Learning book by Sutton and Barto, somewhat like a technical book review, and continue off from there. I would like to show practical open source implementations of the algorithms we review if time permits, or even using our time to build some of these algorithms from scratch for further our comprehension. I don't like strict presentation-styled gatherings, so the meetups will consist of more discussion driven, interactive sessions where everyone should be able to give input and ask questions for things they don't understand. I'm hoping it will be a lot of fun, and hope to see you there!

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Tech Meet and Greet

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Reinforcement Learning Implementation

Southwest Regional Library

Reinforcement Learning Implementation Session

Southwest Regional Library

Reinforcement Learning; Discussion and Implementation

Southwest Regional Library