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Welcome everyone!
This meet up is about creating a safe space to be who you, where you are at can exist and know that you will be accepted and welcomed simply because you exist. Nothing more, and nothing less. This group is based on many of the principles espoused by Louise Hay, and other teachers like Deepak Chopra, Cheryl Richardson, Doreen Virtue, etc.

So if you seek self- acceptance, self- love OR if you want to be in an environment where these are primary values, then join us!

Life is not always perfect, it is sometimes chaotic but you will also see that I (and eventually you) have everything I need to manage whatever life throws at me! Including intensive happiness and bliss! I am excited about life and want you to be excited about your life.

In this meet up - I will try to have a balance of activities so as to cover all dimensions of our wellness - some workshops, some movie events, some learning activities, and social activities (such as dinners out). The purpose will always to promote the joy of spending time together while accepting ourselves - just as we are.

So whether you are seeking:

- a little more happiness

- a little more self love/ acceptance/ respect/ approval (check out any of my Louise Hay activities),

- to manage difficult situations/ people - to have more stimulating discussions and fun ( check out movie nights & dinners)

- to gain more skills in dealing with issues or challenges This group is for you ...

So join us ... and let's co-create our futures!

Meet you soon!

In love, laughter and learning!

I'm Certified ‘Heal Your Life’ Workshop Leader Allow me to Guide you and Support you through a World of Self Discovery and Healing
Cinthia Araujo