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🌟 Fancy meeting new people in Lisbon & making friends? 😎 Do you want to network smartly? 👯 Or both? Our HIGHFIVE FRIENDING formula: COOL LOCATION + AWESOME PEOPLE + OUR APP + BEER = FUN & MAGIC Our app allows you to meet everybody in the group, ONE on ONE. This makes us different from any other friending or networking events out there. WHAT YOU GET: 🎉 TALK ONE-ON-ONE with people in the group. (higher chances for friendship / business to happen). 🎉 FEEL RELAXED while you make friends / network. No need to make the effort to start a conversation with strangers. The app does all the work by introducing you to the person you need to talk with next. 🎉 Our host takes care of you during the event, making sure you feel comfortable. 🎉 1st BEER is on us, to break the ice! Say GOOD-BYE TO: 🐷 THE AWKWARDNESS you felt when trying to talk to strangers at a crowded event. 🐷 THAT WEIRD feeling when trying to break into the lively conversation of a group already talking. 🐷 SPENDING ALL the time with your friend(s) when you SHOULD be meeting new people... 🐷 HAVING TO INVENT EXCUSES to get rid of that person who tells you their entire life story... (the app automatically relocates you to talk to a different person after 7-8 min) Our APP harnesses technology to create more meaningful connections in REAL LIFE. Download it here: (free of charge) & SHOW UP at the event. What previous participants say about us: Your Investment: - Your investment is 6 EUR - 1 BEER 🍺 or water INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. You can get wine or something else for a small extra fee.

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New in town? Your friends moved away or are too busy? Looking for a special person? Or just bored?

We’ve been in the same boat and our personal experience made us create the very special HighFive Friending Formula ;-) Join our next event !

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