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This is a group for everyone interested to explore, learn and innovate with Internet of Things (IoT) and related Technologies- Electronics-Embedded-Wireless, Data Science-AI -ML, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, VR/AR, etc.

This group is organized and supported by Nexiot Foundation,A Not-for-Profit Organization (NPO ) focused on Enabling & Promoting Innovations, Adoption & Education in areas of Technology, Science & Engineering. Nexiot Foundation is a Registered Section-8 Not-for-Profit Organization with License No. 109212.

Nexiot Foundation enables in fostering and promoting Innovation by being a platform for both Indiviuals & Organizations. Nexiot Foundation Members include Professionals from diverse industries, technology & engineering background . We also support Academia & Research professionals to be involved.

Since 2014, Nexiot has been Enabling 'Basics to Cutting Edge' Technology Education for Professionals. Nexiot Foundation has contributed for projects on Smart cities, Environment & Sustainability projects. Nexiot Foundation has one of the worlds largest IoT focused community .

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IoT Foundation : IoT Basics, Architecture & Applications

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This program is for IoT enthusiasts - Working Professionals, wanting to get started into IoT by understanding basics from scratch through Hands-on learning. This will be a program with Hands-On on Weekends. This is a 20 hours Paid program for creating a foundation for Internet of Things (IoT)covering IoT architectural elements, Pushing data to cloud- also covers Basic Electronics concepts needed for IoT, Microcontrollers, Sensors, Wireless, Python, Cloud computing & Open Source . You could also explore further with AWS IoT Use cases after this 2 weeks program This program is conducted by Nexiot Foundation, A Section-8 registered Non profit organization, And Certificates will be awarded by Nexiot Foundation. Please RSVP with Phone Number & Email ID to get program detailed agenda - Fee to register or send a email to [masked] The program covers below with focus on Hands-On learning : • IoT Architectural Elements • IoT Applications • Basic Electronics - Sensors - Microcontrollers • Raspberry Pi, Arduino • Linux • Python • Wireless Technologies - Wifi , Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Classic • Protocols (MQTT) • API's, Cloud Platforms • IoT Security aspects Hands-On Use Cases 1. Building End-to-end IoT Application : Sending Sensor Data to Cloud 2. Home Automation Contact by emailing to [masked] / [masked] for any information or support. May also call on [masked]/[masked]

IoT Systems Design Program - Professional Certificate

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This program is designed for Working Professionals to build full stack technology skills needed for IoT System Design & Implementation. The program covers below with focus on Hands-On learning : • IoT Stack - Protocols • Python programming - Basics • Python programming for IoT • IoT Cloud Platforms • Application Development - IoT • Data Science & Machine Learning Basics & for IoT Applications • IoT Security concepts. This program is for IT/ IoT professionals wanting to develop IoT full stack design skills through Hands-on learning & Use Cases. Pre-Requisites: Should have basic IoT concepts and setting-up Raspberry Pi. Please RSVP and provide email id and contact no. to get program detailed agenda - Fees to register, or send a email to [masked] Interested Members may contact by emailing to [masked] / [masked] for any information or support. May also call on [masked]/[masked] www.nexiot.com

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