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We are open to ALL people who are SERIOUS business networkers, looking to make connections with other professional business people. We are looking to build community through charity events, business mixers and having special guest speakers talk on educational subjects.

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Workplace Wellness Webinar: Stress Sucks!

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Please register at: ColoradoiTaketheLead.com STRESS SUCKS! We live in stressful times. We’re stressed about money, family, the economy, politics, relationships, health, safety, and so many other outside factors that it’s affecting our health which causes more stress! Alan Pershing, Director of Colorado i Take the Lead and owner of Renova Healing, will be sharing tried, tested, and effective habits that you and your family can practice at work and at home to de-stress and enjoy life more.

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TheNetworkingWebinar: Using LinkedIn To Attract New Clients

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