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This group is for digital nomads and people who are interested in the digital nomad lifestyle. If you are location independent, looking to start your journey towards it, or just generally interested in 21st century possibilities, please join us!


Every week, we organise casual meetups, co-working days, comedy nights, talks, workshops, panel discussions, open mic nights, and a lot more!

Our members are a mix of Lisbon locals, nomads who have settled down in Lisbon, and people who are just passing through. Come say Hi!

Everyone is welcome.

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Lisbon Digital Nomads Meetup at The Independente Palace

The Independente Hostel & Suites

Olá a todos! Whether you're new in town or have been here for a while, come join us this Thursday for drinks and lots of great conversations in a glamorous palace. This week we are getting together and celebrate our weekly nomad meetup in style at the amazing Independente Hotel & Suites. They will be welcoming us for the first time at this special venue, where you can wonder between the Decadente bar & lounge and the impressive living room on the 1st floor while mingling with people and dancing on the groovy tunes of Thome. So put on a stylish outfit, feel like a star walking up the fancy ancient stairs and join the conversation with the tribe. Happy hour until 9pm where you get beer for 1€ and wine for 2€. Food will be available at the restaurant as well, so no worries if you come directly from work. Come meet Olivia & Inês, we will be there to greet you! In the meantime listen to Thomés tunes in here https://soundcloud.com/commune_lisboa/fiore-avanti-valsa ***About the venue*** The Independente Hotel & Suites is one of the four amazing event spaces offered by https://theindependente.pt/collective/ This young teams mission is to offer accommodation and cool venues where travelers and locals come together, share stories, experiences and create memories. Book a room, a studio or invite your friends for a party at the bar. **A BIT ABOUT US** We've been organising weekly Digital Nomad Meetups for a quite while now and the community is buzzing in Lisbon. Check out the photos of previous Meetups. We're now a team of Nomads/ Slowmads and expats and we try to find the most awesome spots in Lisbon to receive you all. Looking forward to meeting you, Olivia and Ines, part of Lisbon Digital Nomads Meetup team. ___________________________________ PS - Like us on Facebook here to get updates on new events: https://www.facebook.com/lisbondigitalnomads

New in Lisbon Brunch


Are you new in Lisbon and looking to meet others new to this amazing city? Then this is just the event for you! We tried this event for the first time last week and had some great feedback, so we're bringing it back for a 2nd edition. :D The idea is simple: we'll grab brunch at cafe Selva in Alcantara while having a chat, sharing tips, and just getting to know each other. There is a big wooden table upstairs with room for about 8 - 10 people. (You can order a coffee or something to eat downstairs and they'll bring it up.) This event is intended as a fun way to get introduced in Lisbon and a different (smaller scale) way to socialize than at the bar meetups. Anyone is welcome, whether you're a nomad, just moved to Lisbon, or if you're still (semi-) new to the city. P.S. The event host has lived in Lisbon for 3 years, so if you have any burning questions about life in Lisboa, you also have an opportunity to ask :D Hope to see you soon! Lisbon Digital Nomad Meetup Team ___________________________________ PS - Like us on Facebook here to get updates on new events: https://www.facebook.com/lisbondigitalnomads

The Shitty Comedy Night 🤣 - Going Pro!

Crafty Corner

Welcome to The Shitty Comedy Night! Yes, it's in English and it is the BEST WAY TO START YOUR WEEKEND! So what is this event? Aspiring comics and professionals come together under one roof to entertain us all. It's Lisbon's best worst comedy night. What a rollercoaster ride! We've got some pro European comics in town and they'll be doing some sets with us this Friday! There will of course be some local favorites doing a few rounds as well. The magic happens at Crafty Corner bang in the centre of town. They have a great selection of craft beers, giving you a chance to try all the best local brews. To help get the laughter track going Crafty Corner has NOMAD HAPPY HOUR for us until 9pm: €2.5 for their tasty crafty lager and also red and white wine. Grab a drink, hang out for a bit and once we're all sufficiently inebriated we'll start doing some rounds of open mic Stand-Up Comedy. We usually start the comedy around 7.30PM. We're getting pretty far underground into the Lisbon comedy scene here! Come be our guinea pigs for some fresh new material. It may be shitty or it may be stellar. You'll only know if you show up! Please come early and grab a seat as our shows tend to get PACKED!! Don't worry, it's a free show, you'll have plenty to spend on all that delicious crafty goodness! :) Oh and also they serve the best CHICKEN WINGS IN TOWN. Comedy + Craft Beer + Chicken Wings?! This is the stuff dreams are made of. See you soon! PS: Most of the line-up is full but if you have 5 minutes of material and want a spot, here's a form for you: https://forms.gle/tj5LXLQ5kKW5Y5oW6

NomadHike: Hiking through the historical center of Sintra!

Cintia - Actividades Hoteleiras Lda

Hope you're ready for a Saturday filled with beautiful views of nature, local towns and historical buildings! The last hike we organized was the longest one yet, we hiked around 37km. With this one we want to do something more easy and short in comparison to all the hikes we have organized before. That is not to say that this hike won't pose a challenge--because it will. The historical center of Sintra may not be as wild and beautiful as the western side--with its lush forests and mountain ranges--but it still houses such a great deal of biodiversity and richness in history that is just hard to not fall in love with it all. Already visited the historical center? I bet we can still surprise you! Since the hike will be shorter than usual expect us to grab a beer or perhaps even a dinner by the end. It's going to be good fun! Join us! **Important information** Trains to take to Sintra: Rossio-Sintra: Takes off at 10h01 and arrives at 10h41 Oriente-Sintra: Takes off at 10h08 and arrives at 10h55 Roma/areeiro-Sintra: Takes off at 10h15 and arrives at 10h55 Entrecampos-Sintra: Takes off at 10h17 and arrives at 10h55 Let me know which train you'll be taking -Anything pertaining to the organization of the event will be posted on the comment section of the event page, please keep your attention on the comment section for any further updates regarding transportation, weather, etc. **What to bring** -Most important of all and I can't stress this enough, water. Please bring at least a 1.5 liter of water -Bring some food to energize yourself, we're going to stop a few times for a rest and to eat -A good pair of hiking shoes -Some extra clothing depending on the weather **Meeting point** The meeting point will be in front of Cintia--a coffeehouse next to the train station--at 11AM. **Other information** -When you spot a guy with a red/black backpack--come and say hi! I'll see you Saturday! Please be on Time!!

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