Late night Co-working Session - Websummit Special

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To all night owls and late risers: Join us for this night time co-working session!

When you're web-summit'ing all day, you gotta work at night. All those pitch decks ain't gonna write themselves! Whether you're here for Websummit or not, you're welcome at this night time co-work event.

This event caters to all nocturnal creatures who love to stay-up late hours into the early AMs, while the rest of the world is deep into their zzzZZZs.

You get your best work done post-sunset, have clients in a different time zone or need to pull an all-nighter in order to hit that deadline?
Come by to Café Selva and join in for some productive fun fuelled by high-quality specialty coffee and home baked goodies.

We won't be serving food but we can get together and order some take-out, pizzas, or other stuff to the venue!

Agenda for the evening:

20h45 - 21h15: Arrival
21h15 - 21h45: Welcome & Intros
21h45 - 02h00: Free flow work session (optional break out sessions & pomodoro sprints)

Please make sure you arrive by 9pm, so we can check-in and kick-off collectively!

This is a LIMITED attendance event so if you are not able to make it, PLEASE change your RSVP to Not Going so someone else can get a spot.

About Selva:

Selva is the latest specialty coffee shop in Lisbon owned by 3 digital nomads who became slowmads and then fomads (former nomads). The cafe is open specially for this event.

Selva will have available for purchase espressos, and espresso based drinks, V60s, Aeropress, and filter coffee with some cakes, cookies, and croissants to keep you going. Also teas and decaf (washed process, tastes good) are available for those that need a caffeine free beverage. If you like to work while tipsy, craft beer is also available.


We've been organising weekly Digital Nomad Meetups for quite a while now and the community is buzzing in Lisbon. Check out the photos of previous Meetups. We're now a team of Nomads/ Slowmads and expats and we try to find the most awesome spots in Lisbon to receive you all.

Looking forward to meeting you,

The Lisbon Digital Nomads Meetup team.
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