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Are you new to town, are you alone and feel left out from what is happening in the real world? Are you an expat or are you an internationally minded local? Are you well travelled and have insights gained from the travel? Are you lonely? Is it difficult to find the environment where you can make new friends? Are you working to hard and don't get a chance to meet new friends? Is it all work and no play? Would you like to meet new people and become friends? Let's get together, make friends and have fun.

Looking to meet friends, who would like to get together for regular dinners, perhaps BBQs, picnics, or if you feel that you are walking alone we can meet up and go for weekly walks, movies, bonfires , fun times. Just remember this is not a hook up group. What you do in your own private time is your business. But our group reflects fun times and is about friends having fun together.

Please note that this group will not be relevant for you unless:

1) You have a college education in English

2) Speak English fluently

3) You have travelled internationally

4) You have a wide range of interests and experiences

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