Importance of reading books - talk about your inspirational books

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Please choose one of your most inspirational/motivational book for this event. If possible, please bring a physical copy and take about 5 minutes to present your chosen book.
Tell us why this book inspires you and help you become a better person, or motivate you to get where you want to get to.

I, Yukiko, will be the host of the event, and I will chose one book, which I will present after everyone present their favorite inspirational books.

You can choose any inspirational book (could be an architect related book, business, cooking, or a book with bunch of quotes, an autobiography, non-fiction, fiction book, etc.)

Looking forward to learning what kind of books inspires you!

Please note that this meeting is in the same building but different floor and room from that previous meeting.

The door will be open by 7:30pm, so please feel free to come in anytime after 7:30pm.

The meeting will start at 8pm sharp.

There will be 300 yen fee for this meetup to cover the meeting space cost.

The meeting room is different from the previous meeting room. Please come to the design center and our room is behind the reception and the meeting area.

I will not have Internet connection so please call me before 8pm if you are not sure of the place. [masked]

See you all tonight!

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