Nerdzão English Talks #4

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In this FREE and ON SITE event, we have lectures in English about Development, Career, Infrastructure and other subjects related to Technology.
Be you a beginner or an advanced person this is the perfect place to practice and perfect your skills, and meet people!

It's MANDATORY to present your IDENTIFICATION to participate the


19h00 - 19h20: Opening and Introduction - Rogerio Rodrigues.

19h20 - 19h30: Event Host - Fernanda Bernardo.

19h30 - 20h10: Math as a language, the plasticity of our brain, Elon Musk, and Autopilot - Daniel Freitas.
When we need to adapt to survive, we have to change our mindset in order to take new actions. I'll give examples of how our brain works and how the environment has a roll in our development as species.

20h10 - 20h25: Prevent Pipeline Breaks with Git Hooks - Amir Elemam.
Better Commits with Git Hooks: we’re gonna use Git Hooks to run a linter (ESLint) every time we commit, if the linter doesn’t succeed, the code won’t be committed, that prevents you from committing broken code

20h25 - 20h40: Coffee Break

20h40 - 21h20: IOT For Dummies - Baby Steps by someone who recently started learning - Andre Jost.
If you stop to think, what is Iot? Internet of things has been around for quite some time and it has become a sort of a buzzword. The purpose of the lecture is to give some insights to newcomers in the subject and where and how to start. If I can start somewhere, you can too!

21h20 - 21h35: What is the market looking for? - Phillipe Soares
Recently I've figured out the market is not focused on hard skills. Though important, there are 3 main skills they're looking for.
At this talk I will share how you can benefit yourself to solve these 3 huge and important matters.

21h35 - 21h50: Open Mic & Hiring Time

21h50 - 22h00: Announcements


Daniel Freitas
Nerd cycloativist, lover of cats and robots.

Amir Elemam
B.Sc. Biomedical Informatics, Node.js Software Engineer for over 2 years.

Andre Jost
More than 12 years' experience in different IT roles including Project and Program Management, Vendor Management, Software Testing and Business Analysis also including experience living abroad in Mexico and USA with Background in insurance, consulting and telecommunications. Since 2018 an IOT enthusiast learning about microcontrollers (Arduino, ESP) and communication methods for IOT solutions.

Phillipe Soares
I am an artist: I paint learnings and new solutions.