Nerdzão English Talks #5

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In this FREE and ON SITE event, we have lectures in English about Development, Career, Infrastructure and other subjects related to Technology.
Be you a beginner or an advanced person this is the perfect place to practice and perfect your skills, and meet people!

It's MANDATORY to present your IDENTIFICATION to participate the event.

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18h30 - 19h00: Opening and Introduction.

19h00 - 19h10: Community Presentation.

19h10 - 19h20: Company Event Host.

19h20 - 19h50: Talk 1: Networking is not everything, but it's 100%.
In this talk you'll understand that most networking places do it badly wrong - Phillipe Soares
And here's the deal: I will teach you how to do a proper, highly and effective networking with your pals.
Let's get out of the business cards and LinkedIn connections to make networking really works.

19h50 - 20h00: Lightning Talk 1

20h00 - 20h20: Open Chat and Networking.

20h20 - 20h50: Talk 2: How to Model your Idea - Rogerio Rodrigues.
An overview about the main topics related to the process of ideation until the prototype's development.
In the ideation I talk about conception, target public evaluation, validation with stakeholders and how to understand the realpurpose of your project in a way that you can transmit your goal to other people.
In the following stages I talk about team formation, hackathon dynamics and aspects related to application design and architecture.

20h50 - 21h00: Lightning Talk 2

21h00 - 21h20: Open Mic & Announcements.
If you work in a company that has a job position opened that you'd like to share or you're a professional looking for repositioning this is the place to make your pitch!
Each pitch takes 2 minutes.

21h20 - 21h30: Closing.