Nerdzão English Talks #6

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In this FREE and ON SITE event, we have lectures in English about Development, Career, Infrastructure and other subjects related to Technology.
Be you a beginner or an advanced person this is the perfect place to practice and perfect your skills, and meet people!

It's MANDATORY to present your IDENTIFICATION to participate the event.


19h00 - 19h10: Opening and Introduction

19h10 - 19h20: Community Presentation.

19h20 - 19h30: Company Event Host.

19h30 - 20h00: Business Intelligence in a carrer that one woman in tech
- Viviane Martins
Business Intelligence and reflexions about carreer of a woman in tech.
- main challenges
- experiences
- success

20h00 - 20h15: Everything about Lua - Elihu Mejia
Lua is a very small programming language actively developed at PUC-Rio, yes, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Despite not being so popular, in this talk we will learn how to do a lot of things with it like Data Base management, Web Development, Embedded Systems, Game Development and even Generative Music!

20h15 - 20h50: Open Chat and Networking.

20h50 - 21h20: Ui, UX and how will we deal with our robots overlords. - Daniel Freitas
Dealing with algorithms (not in the way you may think) for the last two years I've learned to cope with the problems that come with automation of processes, all kind of processes, are you ready to loose your job? Muahahaha.....

21h20 - 21h35: JVM under the hood - Ana Beatriz Neri
Let's see how this Java Virtual machine works. From a brief history the Java to the functioning of its compilers and all its internal engine.

21h35 - 21h50: Open Mic & Announcements.
If you work in a company that has a job position opened that you'd like to share or you're a professional looking for repositioning this is the place to make your pitch!
Each pitch takes 2 minutes.

21h50 - 22h00: Closing.

About speakers:

Viviane Martins
Database Technologist and MBA in Business Intelligence, Excel and VBA specialist with extensive experience in building and automating complex spreadsheets.
She currently works at IBM as a Security Consultant, teaches VBA and Analytics, and has online platform courses. Promote content on your youtube channel "VBA Na Veia".
She dreams of formulas and is passionate about sharing knowledge!

Daniel Freitas
Cat lover, Martian wannabe, reluctant car enthusiast, and all of that in the body of an eternal urban cyclist. Let's ride our bikes for the sake of the planet.

Elihu Mejia
Mexican living in Brazil, new media artist, front end dev at Nindoo and embedded systems developer at Rede Itaú.

Ana Beatriz Neri
Java and Groovy developer, enthusiastic at Kotlin, Co-organiser of Unicorntech. In slow times weak volunteer work with children, I play violin and write.
And always adept at movements involving women in technology.

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