Productized Talks @ Hardware Edition

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ENTER Altice Labs

R. Moeda 7 · Lisboa

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Productized Headquarters - ENTER Techtris Office

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Hi Productizers,

Interested in joining the local product community? What about meeting top product experts?

Good news, folks! Productized brings you the best of both worlds. Get involved and learn about building products for mass production, and how MVP's can be a nightmare... or save your business!

About the talks:

Agostinho Carvalho is the Founder & Technology R&D Manager at WeADD. His talk will be about "Design and Engineering Products for Mass Production”.

The product space is changing at a fast pace. Thus, we must be ready to keep up with it, mitigating the risks inherent to all stages of this process. That requires working on strategy, the process and team involvement. Design, engineering, production, and market have to walk together through the development stages. Only that way successful products can happen.

Christoph Dressel is the partner and COO at Impossible, based in San Francisco. He is going to talk about "Bond Touch - a story of love and zombies".

Bond Touch is the first wearable that purely focuses on an emotional 1 to 1 communication. It took over 4 years from inception to actually make it to market launch. Years of struggling with MVP's, investors and a very persistent online community. Bond Touch is now a blazing success with over 100K products sold and an 8M$ yearly revenue.

Meet the speakers:

Agostinho Carvalho is the founder and master leader for Technology R&D at WeADD, a product specialized consulting company. He has worked for more than 15 years on developing new products. He has built intelligent solutions for sectors like health, sports, coffee and internet of things. Agostinho previously founded Diverge - which later became Grupo Nabeiro Innovation Centre.

Chris is a co-founder and COO at Impossible - a global agency and incubator, best known for developing socially conscious innovation. Chris founded and exited several companies, and has been working in tech and design for the past 20 years. Chris is currently running a startup called Bond Touch, the first emotional wearable, designed for
couples who are distance apart.

What else can you expect from the meetup?

Ample networking with product community + refreshing drinks (beer included) + tasty snacks.

We thank Altice Labs for hosting this meetup.