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I came to Brazil in 2009. I spoke no Portuguese! Now I speak Portuguese at an intermediate level, and I know what it is like for people who want to improve their conversational skills in another language.

I established this group in 2013 to help intermediate and advanced speakers practise real life conversation, not classroom conversation. Some of my students told me that they did not have the opportunity to use the English phrases and vocabulary which they had learned. I want to offer a relaxed environment where it is not important if you make mistakes, hesitate and have time to think what you want to say. As a native English teacher, I am not teaching in these meetings, but I am leading, participating and encouraging you to have fun and take a risk to speak English.

This group is for INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED level speakers - most people are intermediate level, who want to practise. It is not for basic level speakers.

It is also FREE - you do not have to pay. You only have to pay for any food and drink that you order.

So what are you waiting for? Are you an English language lover? Come and join us - we are a very friendly group!

See you there!

Cheers, Nick

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