O que fazemos

Imagine a place where we can join to have 2 hours of good music, that takes us into a journey of body, mind and soul, to free ourself from stress, tension and daily drama. Could be a saturday from 11am to 1pm or Sunday. A place free of alcohol and smoke, pure dance and meditation, where the dance floor becomes a ritual place...expression, connection, meditation, and bliss.
I always missed a place like this... Since having to dance in a club at late hours was never appealing.
I grew up traveling to India where my father lived, but not any place, this place was very particular one since there was a master called Osho, and where people from all over the world gathered to experience meditation and learn trough the experience of different methods, who Am I in the mist of all ideas and intellectual concepts.
In our gatherings we will be sharing in a fun and very easy way some of that experience, mixed with a lot of dance and quality uplifting music!
How would you like to be part of a circle of dance, joy and meditation like this one?
Jump in!
🌠 Love