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A member of PlantPure Nation, the movie and the movement, we are the local group for Santa Clara Valley. We are dedicated to moving the message of plant strong lifestyles. We are encouraging in a friendly and giving way, the healthful and sustainable benefits of a plant based whole food choices. We hold pot lucks, dinners out, bake sales and tablings featuring inspiring speakers, motivational movies, and more with the intent of educating the public to meet this goal. We are also dedicated to elimnating the suffering of animals, and environmental devastation related to the "Standard American Diet" (SAD). We mix in a lot of fun and communal joy with each Action.

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Holiday Potluck Dinner

Private Home in east San Jose

Please join us for a delicious, abundant, healthy potluck. The dishes will be plant-based, whole food, vegan, and oil-free. If you've been eating this way a while, please bring your favorite dish. If you are just starting out, a plate of fruit or veggies is always welcomed. You’ll find a wide variety of appealing plant strong, oil-free recipes here: https://plantpurerecipes.com https://straightupfood.com/ Our host will provide plates and utensils. We'll start with appetizers at 4:30 and eat dinner at about 5:15.

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Potluck Dinner

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