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(This event is x-posted to our SoCalFurs Network (, but not hosted by Kat or any other admin of this group. Here are words from Axel ([masked]), one of the OC Furs' organizers) This is a potluck meet hosted at Mile Square Regional Park in Fountain Valley. We will be hosting this event every fourth Saturday of every month. Make sure to read the meet rules. Please bring food and activities! We will try to get the spot located right next to lot F and the golf course. We face Edinger and are between shelter 17 and shelter 15. Exact coordinates are 33°43'43.0"N , 117°56'34.7"W Meet Rules: Park Rules: Facebook Group: Telegram chat: ^This is the best method of contact us regarding the event!

Mile Square Park

16801 South Euclid Street · Fountain Valley, CA

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We consider “Southern California” to cover San Luis Obispo to San Diego and even all the way east to the Inland Empire/Palm Springs area. Several events take place weekly, some annually, and we welcome all who can show up. To find the closest of our sub-regional groups, please have a look at our interactive map (

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