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You work, study, and, play, in Rhode Island! You’re smart! You’re creative! You’re fun! You might be tired of old-school networking, but you’re still looking to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs. You might be looking for a co-founder, a startup to join, press, legal issues, zoning advice, technical advice, or investment capital. We’re a diverse group that’s bringing together everyone in the local startup ecosystem. So what are you waiting for, click the join button and make some new friends in a collaborative, results oriented, working environment.

Let's make it happen! It's not only about our personal, technical, and, business interests, it's also about the general economic development interests of Rhode Island.

StartupRI+ - It's not just about the start, we’re also about the journey - Let's all do it together...

Development Teams will involve; (You need a team – Let's build it)!

• Digital Signage,

• Marketing/Advertising,

• Website Development

• Mobile App Development,

• Software Development,

• Business Development,

• Business Liability,

• Community Development

• Brand Development,

• Project Management,

• Economic Development,

• Graphic Design,

• Digital Photography,

• Video Production,

• Content Management,

• Business Strategy,

• Security Technology,

• Cloud-Based Systems,

• Emerging Technology,

• LED Technology,

• Government Lobbying,

• Social Media,

• Human Resources,

• Zoning Variances,

• Legal Issues,

• POS Technology, more…




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