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Any member of this Meetup group can organize an event and are encouraged to do so --- the more events we have at different times and in different parts of town, the more people will be able to be involved in some kind of WordPress Meetup activity. Events don't need to be formal presentation series, they can be pretty much anything that brings together 2 or more WP people and gets them talking about WordPress.

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WPSBY Meetup #9: Sharing dan Diskusi WordPress

Warunk Upnormal

Halo arek Suroboyo, Ayo cangkruk dan diskusi dengan kami yang berkaitan dengan WordPress. Jika kamu seorang penulis, blogger, desainer atau developer, maka meetup ini cocok untuk berbagi pengalaman dan pengetahuan mengenai WordPress! NB: Akan disediakan 2 meja untuk diskusi, untuk developer dan non-developer.

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WordPress Meetup Surabaya

Warunk Upnormal

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