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Sycabe Digital & Tech is a community initiative of meetups for knowledge sharing in the Digital Marketing and Marketing Technology space. It's a place where startups and corporates can come to learn and contribute to the growth of themselves and others. All of our meetups are organized & promoted by Synclarity (https://synclarity.in) , an upcoming Inbound Marketing Agency with offices in India & UAE

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How to Implement Agile & Scrum in your Startup

Could you benefit from reduced project costs, improved client satisfaction and faster evaluation cycles? Obviously yes! How can we make this a reality? Agile is referred to as a set of practices or methods that help to improve communication among self-organized, cross-functional teams working in a collaborative environment. Scrum is a framework used to implement Agile development. The ultimate value in Agile development is that it enables teams to deliver value faster, with greater quality and predictability, and greater aptitude to respond to change. Scrum has been a great tool for teams to be cross functional, self organising and have ownership. Our upcoming interactive session is designed to give you an overview about the basics of the Agile way-of-working. The focus is to explain Agile values, principles, practices and roles & responsibilities through interactive dialogues, games, role plays and exercises. The best practices learnt from the workshop can be used not only in product development and engineering development, but also in day to day operations. About the Speaker Kartik is the Business Head at Haptik. With over a decade of experience in the domains of Marketing and Product Management with famous global powerhouses such as Microsoft, Kartik Poddar has recently joined leading conversational AI platform Haptik as the Business head of its Enterprise solution vertical. Key Takeaways Agile way of working Methodology Best Practices Scrum tools Event Details Time - 2 PM - 5 PM Venue - OF10, Powai Date: 2nd November’19 Register Now - http://bit.ly/2m38Ku8 It’s FREE WORKSHOP!

Build Communities : Marry Content to User Journeys

We know the entire world is online! Right! That means our Target Customer, Prospect, Lead, Cold Lead, Client, as well as our Raving Fans are all online. So what’s the best next step - start a website, or put up a facebook page or maybe create an account on insta. We did that - but no one follows us. It’s like Wild Wild West - with only the sun, sand and the wind dancing. But all our TG is online right? Then how come no one follows you or likes your content or even promotes you as a god-sent solution! Well they are not connected with you! They don’t know you exist and well you ain’t doing anything worth taking notice! Businesses today need to understand that their tribes already exist - it’s not a requirement for you to create your tribe. However, it’s your first order of business to create a community that connects, learns, shares and grows together! In our upcoming workshop, Ritu Mittal Mukherjee explores how to turn an online audience into a loyal community. Maybe you don’t even need one. She will walk you through strategies for the most popular social media tools and tactics for gaining followers and building your community. Plus, you also get tips to create and share content that keeps everyone engaged. Key Takeaways When do you need a community? Is community scalable? Laying the foundation User Journey & Content Metrics for measuring engagements About the Speaker Ritu brings to the table strong consumer driven content abilities to build communities, create user engagements & encourage content to commerce - Digital & Offline. She thrives in an environment of creating new or rebuilding the old. In her current role at BabyChakra as Head User Engagements she helps build content & community driven by Targeted User Journeys & metrics. Creating shared experiences, moments of interaction leading to stickiness of users, building content that evolves with a user's needs leading to increased session times are few of her key goals. Her motto - “A great Product is not built in silos but as one big team passion”. Event Details Time - 2 PM - 5 PM Date - 16th November’19 Venue - Of10, Powai Passes - Register here for FREE

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