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O que fazemos

This group was created to connect people from all of the world in this cozy town and also to offer a great experience to improve language skills.

In USA many groups like this are so helpful for foreigners and it helps local people to understand and learning a new culture and practice a new language. It's not English or Portuguese class at all, but a chance to improve everybody's skills by connecting people. Brazilians can help foreigners to improve their Portuguese (or another language) and at the same time we have a chance to practice our English. Join us and let's have more than a good time together, let´s make friends and help people.

Target: everybody who already speaks English!

Welcome to Taubaté English Meetup!

About the ideia to organize this group:

My name is Ana Paula, a dreamer who is 27 years old and the person who intends to organize many awesome meetings. One of my dreams is based on helping people to be better. Trying to find a way to do this I've had the ideia to use what I like the most: meet people and learn new things (it may sounds to open but it is true, every single new interests me, even if it's about butterfly's wings ƐI3 ).

I had the great opportunity to be in an exchange in USA and live there for a year ( by the way, with a magnificent host family, thanks a lot Universe for this!). During my year in US I had many situations I was in needed a help and I met people who was warm and helpful for many times ( Aleksander Pantic, Bob Tre, Aaron Dockser, Paul LaFreniere, Linda Nkauj and many others, Yael Gurevich, Laura Marina, Sissi Velasco, Ariana Toledo, I am so thankful for all of your teachings ) and I am happy because the way the Universe works is based on: Pass it on :) So, now it's the opportunity to share the goods I've receveid.

Pass it on is going to be our goal and while we help each other we will improve our knowlegdes! Join us!