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Triangle Marketing Club is for marketers of all experience levels, from the entry level Marketing Assistant to the Chief Marketing Officer. Everyone who attends our monthly events will be able to walk away with either a new connection or a new feature to implement. It's not just Digital, nor just PR, but a way to learn how the entire marketing process works from some of your favorite Triangle Marketing Minds.

We understand that marketing isn't just one channel anymore. It's about every channel operating in harmony. Join us to learn how to figure out what channels your customer base is using to master your promotional mix and maximize your ROI!

Subject matters include:

• Storytelling: How the best stories win

• How to Hire and retain top talented teams

• Insanely Effective Content Marketing with Limited Budget

• Understanding your product lifecycle.

• Social Selling and keeping your prospects immersed in your content

We are also looking for Guest Bloggers and Presenters. Have an idea? Get in touch (http://www.trianglemarketingclub.com/get-involved/)!

Follow us on Twitter at TriangleMRKTing (https://twitter.com/TriangleMrkting) or check out the digital home for Triangle Marketing Club (http://trianglemarketingclub.com/).

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Technical SEO Audits - Bill Hartzer Presenting

Hey now!!! We got lucky this year. Internet summit is 13th and 14th and Thanksgiving is the 28th. Bill Hartzer will be presenting on how to do Technical SEO Audits on your website for companies of all sizes, large and small. Bill has presented at dozens of national and international conferences, and he is known worldwide for his research on the topic of search engine optimization and the New gTLD domain names, as well as Dot Brand domain names. He provides research and marketing of white papers and case studies related to the New gTLDs, as well as consulting related to domain migrations. Bill maintains a blog on his website, www.BillHartzer.com, and is the co-founder of the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association (DFWSEM, which puts the popular State of Search marketing conference on annually in Dallas.) More Details to follow...

Christmas Holiday Party

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